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We provide a full range of digital patient engagement technology platform and tools to help you improve patient, care provider and brand outcomes.

To learn more about any of our platforms and tools, and how they can be configured to meet your specific behavioral objectives, contact any of our regional teams.

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Patient Engagement Platform

An evidence-based, configurable multichannel solution that personalizes patient journeys, empowers patients and healthcare providers with behavior change programs and interventions, and enables brand managers to improve program and treatment outcomes through specialized reporting. It facilitates continuous support for patients and healthcare providers post-diagnosis, empowering them to achieve lasting behavior change aligned with treatment objectives.

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Patient Engagement Platform App for use with Salesforce solutions

Atlantis Health's Patient Engagement Platform App is a security-reviewed and Salesforce® Approved Application. Designed to improve patient outcomes and enhance the overall patient experience, it extends the capabilities of any Salesforce-driven patient support program by integrating our Behavior Change as a Service® - pre-built behavior change personalization, workflows, and interventional content.

Atlantis Health Patient Engagement Platform App empowers pharmaceutical clients' nursing teams using Salesforce solutions to manage patient care more efficiently and effectively based on behavioral insights.

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Salesforce, AppExchange and others are among the trademarks of Salesforce, inc.
Behavior Change as a Service is a registered trademark of Atlantis Health Group.

Patient Engagement Platform App for use with Salesforce

Digital Coach​

Our digital coaches utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist patients in adopting healthy habits, medication adherence, enrollment in support programs, and other use cases. Through a blend of behavior change techniques, our customized digital health coaches provide scalable, cost-effective, and empathetic personal care support.

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Patient Support App​

A scalable digital patient support app that offers patients personalized and relevant medication information, reminders, and check-ins to facilitate their self-management of treatment.

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Medication Access

A digital medication access platform that helps newly-diagnosed patients access cost-effective medications online.