Personalized digital platforms and tools

Through A-Lab, our internal innovation hub, we have developed a range of proprietary digital platforms and tools.

Our multidisciplinary teams collaborate with end users to design and continually refine the functionality and user experience.

We customize and license these products to deliver engaging personalized behavior change solutions around the world. 

To learn more about any of our platforms and tools, and how they can be configured to meet your specific behavioral objectives, contact any of our regional teams.

OnTrack Interact (OTI)

Our proprietary relationship management system, OTI includes key functionality that facilitates personalized behavior change solution delivery, evaluation and optimization over time.

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Behavioral risk prediction algorithms

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Multichannel interaction scheduling, and tracking functionality

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Secure, compliant data collection and processing


Adverse event reporting

Interact Web

Our best-of-breed digital behavior change platform that integrates with OnTrack Interact. It can be configured rapidly to support people on their journey to accept, adopt and maintain healthy beliefs and behaviors.



Boost is a digital coaching platform that empowers patients to accept and adjust to the practical and emotional impact that comes with the diagnosis of a long-term condition.

With co-designed functionality and the optional Coach Connect module, Boost's configurable health and well-being digital program helps people to adopt the most important self-management behaviors during the crucial first 60 days. Boost can be easily tailored to support people receiving any type of diagnosis.


Digital Behavior Change Coach

Ria uses AI technology and evidence-based behavior change techniques to provide real-time, personalized, and empathetic support. She can be fully customized to meet your patients' and organization's needs. Learn more and view our demo here.


OneStop reporting dashboard

Our best practice key performance indicator reporting dashboard that displays near-time operational performance and supports ongoing impact evaluation and optimization. Data is aggregated to ensure privacy compliance.


Healthy Choices chatbot tool

Healthy Choices is a personalized chatbot service that uses brief interactive conversations and engaging video content to help people who’re unclear or unsure about specific health decisions - such as getting vaccinated or attending a health screening test. 

Atlantis Intelligence Platform

Building upon our 25 years of data insights, Atlantis Intelligence Platform integrates machine learning models to optimize and enhance personalized behavior change solutions.

The Atlantis Intelligence Platform is designed to ensure cost-effectiveness, but also timely and relevant behavior change experiences that ultimately deliver improved health outcomes.  

This platform integrates with our suite of personalization tools, other health data sources like devices and sensors, and can also be licensed on a standalone basis to drive optimized outcomes for existing behavior change platforms and programs.