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Now more than ever, people are expecting meaningful opportunities to engage digitally with brands, products, and services. Those digital engagements are increasingly taking the place of one-on-one human interactions, but they are burdened by the need to maintain a fully trained staff who can support patients, providers, and payers throughout their entire journey. But how do you maintain empathy in a digital environment, or authentically reflect the person’s unique situation? That’s where the Digital Behavior Change Coach comes in.

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Our Digital Behavior Change Coach provides all stakeholders with a personalized experience that improves adherence, health outcomes,
and brand engagement 


of support 

Meaningful support across the entire journey, from initiation and program enrollment to ongoing maintenance


Education and

Critical education to deepen understanding of your product’s efficacy, safety, dosing, and administration



Deep emotional connections through genuine empathy for common challenges like treatment costs and lifestyle modifications



Shared decision-making and communication between trusted providers and activated patients

Fully customizable

A Digital Behavior Change Coach represents a new frontier in brand engagement. This technology is featured on a dedicated microsite that lives within your brand’s ecosystem of support. The coach is fully personalized to reflect your target audience and their needs. You choose:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Hair and eye color
  • Skin tone
  • Clothing
  • Language
  • Tone of voice
  • Conversation script

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How can a Digital Behavior Change Coach help your brand?

The Digital Behavior Change Coach meets your audience where they are. The results you achieve are as endless as the ways you can customize the technology. Here are just a few examples.

Activate Engagement

  • Have a new first-in-class treatment that holds untold opportunities for patients who may be hesitant to be the first prescribed? Your coach can help them understand its efficacy and feel confident in its safety.

Increase and Maintain

  • Seeing a drop in enrollment in your patient support program? Patients will better understand the benefits of enrollment after identifying their common challenges with the coach and learning how the program can help overcome them.

Leverage Customized

  • Have a highly targeted population but do not want to invest in costly phone support? Let the Digital Behavior Change Coach provide your patients and providers with the personalized behavioral support they deserve.

The Digital Behavior Change Coach is a part of our OnTrack Interact platform. This ecosystem of configurable technologies drives personalized behavior change solutions that empower stakeholders across the entire healthcare journey.