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Patient Engagement Platform

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Executing behavior change through digital is a both a science and an art. Atlantis Health Patient Engagement Platform takes the guesswork out of designing a multichannel experience with an evidence-based and extensively tested engagement platform designed specifically to empower behavior change and achieve improved outcomes.

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Key Features


Evidence-based Design

  • Based on 20+ years of patient engagement experience and data
  • Designed using the latest digital behavior change evidence
  • Tested internationally across patient groups


Personalized Experience

  • Provides personalized behavior change content via mobile phone or device of choice
  • Patients see upcoming and past support appointments and can reschedule or cancel appointments
  • All communications (telephone calls, emails and SMS) are
    personalized and evidence-based to address patient needs and behavioral barriers


Customize to Your Brand

  • Tailor with your logo, imagery, and color palette
  • Add your approved content to support your brands and medications
  • Customize the data collection and measurement dashboard


Safety and Compliance

  • Allows nurses, care providers or contact center teams to track patients’ progress and provide timely interventions or
  • Ensures new patients enrolling have proof of medication and
    eligibility, including informed consent to personal data collection and processing


The Atlantis Health Patient Engagement Platform helps your brand and your patients, whether you are just starting to develop your patient engagement strategy, or if you are facing one of these common challenges:

  • Low patient engagement and satisfaction with existing digital solution
  • Low treatment/medication adherence rates impacting health outcomes
  • Low care provider satisfaction
  • Support patients at scale across the journey, from awareness, treatment initiation and post-diagnosis
  • Empower them to achieve lasting, long-term behavior change to support treatment goals
  • Cost-effective way to launch or optimize your patient programs
  • 24x7x365 access to real-time information about their program progress, support resources, as well as behavioral and healthy lifestyle content
  • Support for behavior change goals tailored to their profile
  • Intelligent patient support and interventions, not just information, when needed 


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