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Patient Support App for Intelligent Mobile Support

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Our intelligent digital Patient Support App provides personalized medication and condition content, reminders and check-ins to support patient self-management of their treatment at scale.

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Key Features


Intelligent Patient Support

  • Can be configured to provide personalized content, medication  reminders and goal-setting activities to address patients’ barriers to adhering to their medication and starting or continuing their treatment


Safety Escalation

  • Provide check-ins to see if behavior change is happening and escalation pathways when key behaviors (e.g., medication taking) are not undertaken
  • For example, if a patient does not confirm that a medication dose was taken, a workflow can automatically trigger a nurse call


Configure a Pre-Built App

  • Private-label branding to make our App your own
  • Customize content to support your brands and medications
  • View patient progress through simple online dashboard


Standalone App

  • No integrations needed but can be offered as an add-on to an existing patient  support program


The Atlantis Health Patient Support App helps your brand and your patients:

  • Better brand visibility and patient data
  • Cost-effective, scalable and configurable digital support program
  • Configurable content and nurse support delivered through pre-built mobile App
  • 24x7x365 online information access from anywhere
  • Personalized behavior change support based on initial needs survey
  • Intelligent patient support and interventions, when needed


Let's talk about how our behavior change-based digital Patient Support App could work for you and your patients.