Patient Engagement Platform App and your Salesforce solution

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As a security-reviewed Approved Application, Atlantis Health’s Patient Engagement Platform App for use with Salesforce® solutions comes with prebuilt behavior change personalization, workflows and content to enhance patient outcomes and experience to extend the functionality of any Salesforce-driven patient engagement program.

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Key Features


Evidence-based Coaching

  • Uses latest behavioral science to guide care providers (nurse navigators, case managers) with the next best action to take with a patient and why
  • Designed to help care providers, who are not behavior change experts, know what to say using call guides before they talk to patients


Salesforce Interface

  • Security-reviewed for Salesforce integration
  • Behavior change content and workflows built into the care provider’s existing Salesforce solution so no new system training needed


Personalized Support

  • Patient interactions are weighted based on Atlantis Health's Patient Assessment and Intervention Framework, adjusting support workflows so patients with challenges get extra help
  • Track quality of patient engagement, medication usage and impact of support 


Configurable Experience

  • Patient journeys can easily be configured to manage different
    medications and conditions, ideal for companies with multiple brands
  • Content can be tailored for different diseases and relevant patient challenges 


If you are using Salesforce to run your patient engagement program, the Patient Engagement Platform for Salesforce offers a range of benefits: 

For your Brand:
  • Improved patient engagement
  • Increased medication persistence and adherence rates
  • Improve outcomes and QOL by addressing patient needs such as managing fatigue, low mood and seeking social support
  • Increased engagement of your care providers (e.g., case
    managers and nurse navigators) by helping them to support patients better
For your Patients:
  • Enhanced quality and timeliness of coaching provided by your teams
  • Personalized behavior change support experience based on their specific needs and barriers
  • More empowered to achieve their behavior change goals for better outcomes
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