Atlantis Health Announces New Executive Leadership to Drive Global Innovation and Expansion in Personal Health Solutions

Atlantis Health, a global leader in delivering unique solutions to improve personal health, announced the appointment of Jonny Duder as Chief Executive Officer, the hiring of Amy Parke as US Country Manager, appointment of Connor Holmes as Australia Country Manager and placement of Nathan O’Donnell as New Zealand Country Manager.

Duder’s vision is to expand the company’s award-winning approach for effective and scalable personalised interventions in healthcare, including innovative offerings in digital health, for pharma/biotech brands, payers and healthcare systems. Parke will lead business growth and development for US-based regional and global programs.  Holmes moves into his leadership role after 18 months as Atlantis Australia ’s Director of Strategy.  O‘Donnell recently returned to New Zealand from Atlantis UK where he was responsible for development and delivery of global and European patient solutions.

“For more than 20 years, the focus of our business was, and still is, grounded in empowering people to improve their health,” said Duder, one of the company’s original founders.  “We’ve always been inspired by the uniqueness of individuals, and how their values, challenges, and circumstances impact their health.  In fact, we pioneered the use of health psychology to identify and address the role of individual beliefs in health behaviours. That remains core to our DNA as we look to the future.”
Understanding the Why
According to Duder, the business will remain focused on the use of health psychology to understand the “why” behind behaviours, a key point of difference for Atlantis Healthcare worldwide. “Many brands and healthcare systems have sets of data that define a problem, but miss the critical insight about what’s driving that problem.  Why aren’t people talking to or visiting their doctor? Why aren’t they taking their medication? Our health psychology experts understand how to identify and address the drivers behind behaviour to create programs that positively impact personal health.”
The company plans to forge new ground in applying data-driven behavioural science to improve health outcomes, including the use of scalable technologies such as chatbot, voice and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance behavioural prediction and personalisation, all informed by their vast database of real-world insights and data.
“We design interventions for thousands of people every day across a wide range of health-related needs and in different parts of the world. Over decades, we’ve built an unparalleled library of learnings and use those to inform our work to create relevant, person-centric, scalable programs that help people take control of their health.”
AH Leadership
During his tenure with Atlantis Healthcare, Duder has worked in senior leadership roles to design, launch and manage global, regional and local patient support programs, primarily in Europe and the Southern Hemisphere.  
Parke brings more than 15 years of diverse experience in healthcare communications, with a focus on patient and HCP strategy and education. Most recently, she was at Ashfield Healthcare Communications where she launched their Global Patient Center of Excellence.  
Holmes has over 20 years pharmaceutical commercial and marketing experience.  Prior to Atlantis, Holmes held various senior commercial roles with Sanofi and AbbVie, including successfully designing and delivering large-scale patient programs.
O’Donnell has been with Atlantis for over 8 years leading the design and delivery of a wide range of innovative patient solutions in the UK and EU.
“I’m excited to advance our vision to touch more people around the world with solutions that will improve their personal journeys and quality of life,” said Duder.